Why a Man Should Be Using a Quality Oil Down There

Hi, my name is Dr. Ari Magill, board-certified physician, and strangely enough...

...I have created a special oil for men to use below the belt...

Please note that this oil is only for men, and only meant for use below the belt...

...for reasons which I'm about to explain, in full detail...

I'm going to tell you exactly why I invented this oil, why men should use it, and why it may be the best thing you ever do for your mojo...

But first, before I do that, I need you to know something...

I'm a doctor, so I'm a medical man... and I believe in using natural remedies whenever possible...

I believe there are ingredients that come from the Earth that are safe, potent, and powerful if used in the proper way...

And I believe in using these ingredients to benefit my health and physicality as a man.

So this oil I've created for men -- it's made from only the purest, most natural ingredients I can find...

And when I put it on below the belt, I'm confident that it's not only safe but GOOD for my body...

You won’t find anything else quite like this oil anywhere in the world...here’s the full story…

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started feeling less and less down there…

As in less sensation, less pleasure.

But I always assumed it was just my cross to bear and a part of getting older.

Well that all changed when I discovered that I’m not the only guy who’s lost sensitivity…

In fact, it’s happening to a LOT of guys, and most men don’t even realize they’re losing sensitivity down there…

Compared to when they were a teenager they feel so much less now…

It turns out that men are losing sensitivity because of chafing and irritation down there…

Years and years go by with their male member rubbing against their underwear, every day losing sensitive layers of skin…

It happens so slowly and gradually that most guys never realize what’s happening.

It’s almost like a sunburn...when you’re out in the sun you’re enjoying your summer day, not thinking about your skin.

Hours can go by, and you’ll feel completely fine...until you go back inside.

You sit down to rest after a long day…and suddenly you realize that your burnt skin is screaming out for the aloe vera.

Well the same thing is happening down there...

And like a sunburn, most men never realize until it’s too late.

Because it happens gradually over time…

It’s like grains of sand in an hourglass. You never notice each individual grain of sand falling…

But you certainly notice when the hourglass is only half full or close to empty!

And that’s what happened to me when I discovered that this rubbing and chafing I was dealing with was hurting my sensitivity…

So this is one of the driving forces behind this special oil I've created for men...

I created this oil to help prevent a loss of sensitivity down there...

...and to help nourish the delicate skin and protect it from rubbing, chafing, even aging...

And at first, I created this oil just for myself.

But now I'm realizing there are many other men going through the same thing, so why not share?

So here's what else I designed this oil to do -- I'm calling it Presentation Oil.

#1: It should make things look more prominent.

Effective moisturizing and toning can add a lot below the belt, and here's why...

Ever see a little bitty dry sponge by the sink?

Well when that ratty old sponge is bone dry, it's thin, right...

But when you soak that thin, dry, brittle sponge in water... what happens?

That thin, bone dry, shrunken old sponge fills right up and gets plump and big again, that's what happens.

And the same thing happens down below...

Moisturizing and toning spruces up the whole package, making it look bigger, better, and more appealing.

So that's what I designed my Presentation Oil to do.

#2: It should make things tighter and more youthful-looking.

Never wrinkly...the last thing I want is loose and old-looking skin ...

...nobody likes prune skin.

So I want to be tight down there with no loose skin hanging whatsoever.

I'm going for that "tight as a glove" feeling... and here's why...

Tighter skin is more sensitive skin.1

When skin becomes prune skin, it just isn't as sensitive anymore.

So picture how it was when you were younger...how you felt everything, even the slightest of touches...

The skin was younger, tighter... more sensitive than old prune skin.

So tight skin is what I want...and part of why I created Presentation Oil...

#3: It should help with sensitivity down there.

This is a big one.

Because men who aren't feeling much will struggle with intimacy, and it will hurt their relationships with women.

So I want an oil that can basically turn a popsicle into an ice cream cone.

That's what I call it when I'm not feeling much -- like I have a numb frozen popsicle.

And I don't know about you, but I don't want a popsicle, I want an ice cream cone.

Think about it... an ice cream cone brings way more pleasure and satisfaction than a popsicle.

An ice cream cone is much more filling and delicious.

A popsicle is really just a colored stick of water with a tiny bit of flavoring added in.

Better than nothing, but disappointing all the same.

So it's a no brainer for me -- I don't want a popsicle, I want an ice cream cone.

And I know my wife prefers ice cream too... I think everybody does!

Yet another reason why I'm using this special oil...

#4: It should make the ride last longer.

I also want my oil to help me enjoy the ride for longer.

And to do that, I need to feel as much as I can... I need to be sensitive to all of the pleasurable feelings going on.

To me, it's sort of like riding a roller coaster...

When you're on the roller coaster, all you're thinking about is the one big drop.

That moment when you crest the big hill and go plunging downward... filled with a feeling that takes your breath away...

Many people just close their eyes and hold on for dear life.

And then it's over, just like that.

All too soon, you're climbing out of the ride and you wish it had lasted longer.

And it can last longer -- as long as you heighten your sensitivity to enjoy every single moment of the ride, not just the big plunge.

If you're highly sensitive to all the feelings the ride produces, you'll get so much more out of it.

Every bend, every loop...every little hill will feel HUGE.

You'll be smiling ear to ear the entire time, sucking up every second of good feeling it produces.

And when the ride finishes, you'll be on a high, feeling energized and satisfied.

It will feel like the ride lasted so much longer because you had so much fun.

So that's my goal with Presentation Oil.

It should make the ride last longer, or at least make it feel like it does.

#5: It should help make the skin thinner.

You know that thick skin you can get on the palms of your hands when you're doing physical labor or lifting free weights or holding a tool for a long time?

Notice that when you poke or prod those areas of thick skin, you don't feel very much...

Kinda numb almost.

I mean, you could probably stick a pin into that thick skin and not even feel it.

And that's because those extra layers of skin lower sensitivity.2

It acts as a protective barrier, almost like you're wearing a thick glove.

And believe it or not, the same sort of thing can happen below the belt...

The skin down there won't get leathery or calloused like the palms, but it will still thicken.

Most men can't even feel the extra layers of skin, but they're still there, usually toward the tip.

And just like when you lift weights or play guitar, the more you do it, the more calloused the skin will get.

And as we know now, thicker skin is less sensitive skin3.

Remember how I told you I was dealing with annoying chafing and rubbing below the belt?

Well that also makes the skin more thick and less sensitive down there.

That's how I came to be feeling less and less, even with my wife.

So when I created Presentation Oil, my goal was to increase the skin's lubrication potential...

Because lubrication allows the extra layers of skin to shed, so they're not needed anymore.

The lubrication is enough. And then skin can be thin and sensitive once more.

I like to think of it as "resetting" things below the belt.

Like getting a callus treatment for your hands or your feet after lots of use.

The skin will be left feeling soft and thin again, and you're feeling so much more than before.

#6: It should nourish and help sustain the skin.

What many men don't realize is how harsh soap can be on the skin.

Did you know that soap disrupts the delicate balance of hormones in the skin?

Soap is what's known as an endocrine disruptor...4

And that's not good for men... not at all.

For that reason, I wanted to do something that would actually protect the skin and nourish it against the assaults of constant soap and showering.

So this oil I've created, one of the ingredients comes from jungle coconuts.

This oil nourishes the skin directly.

The result is that when you use this oil made from jungle coconuts, the skin drinks in this oil like a sponge...

...and it may actually help improve sensitivity, which can make it easier to resist the assaults of soaps and personal care products.

So you can continue showering as often as you want and your skin should still always feel and look its youthful best, in all areas...

I understand most guys will still use soap down there.

So my goal was to formulate an oil to protect the skin against the damage caused by soap.

I hope and believe I have succeeded.

#7: It should contain ingredients that are safe.

Many, if not most, personal care products for guys contain harmful ingredients that are endocrine disruptors5 and that may be unhealthy.

For example, one of the most common ingredients found in most personal care products is paraben.

What's wrong with paraben?

If you ask me, everything.

Many scientists think paraben acts like estrogen.6

And I don't believe that any men should be putting estrogen-type substances on their skin.

Some other personal care products for men contain harmful oils that break down into lipid peroxides7 and release scads of free radicals that damage your body.8

Not good for the skin at all, especially not below the belt.

Other ingredients can include tea tree oil or lavender oil. And you may think these are natural and safe...

But here's what I've found wrong with certain oils like tea tree and lavender...

These are called "aromatic" oils.

Most aromatic oils are actually estrogenic in their actions.9

Lavender oil and some of those other aromatic oils are especially estrogenic.10

And I don't want any estrogenic oil coming near my skin, especially not in sensitive areas...

So for that reason, I paid very, very close attention to every ingredient in this oil of mine.

I've made sure that my oil does not contain any ingredients that shouldn't be in there or that may be disruptive or harmful.

Presentation Oil contains zero parabens unlike many personal care products...

...no estrogenic oils...

And no harmful excipients... so no harmful titanium dioxide, no silicon dioxide, no magnesium stearate, no BHA, no BHT, no polysorbate 80.

None of that. I wouldn't touch those with a ten foot pole, so I don't ask you to either.

Because last, but certainly not least...

#8: It should be healthy for men.

Most importantly, when I created Presentation Oil, I wanted it to be healthy for a man to use below the belt.

And by healthy, I don't just mean safe, but beneficial for men in multiple ways.

So not only do I want it to be something that makes a man feel more and more over time...

...so that the more I use it, the more I feel things getting better for me down there...

...I also want it to help support and protect my own natural oils and hormones that make things work great down there.

So when I started to mix up ingredients and test things out, I came up with some amazing innovations that I intend to patent...

But I did not want to wait to get this out to you...

So after making sure it's safe, we found a manufacturer that has a 100,000 square-foot approved facility...

...a facility that tracks each ingredient and each lot number and that tests and tests...

...a facility that gets inspections...a facility that is organic-certified and meets the highest standards....

So this facility formulates and puts together my Presentation Oil for you, and it's the best formulation I could find.

There's nothing else like it because if there was, I would've just used that instead of creating my own product.

Most other penis oils contain oils like almond oil -- but almond oil breaks down into toxic compounds, even from body heat.

Not good.

Oils that are fully saturated are best because fully saturated oils don't break down when you sweat.

So with the special fully saturated oils in my Presentation Oil, and the fat soluble vitamins that lovingly bathe your skin, you're increasing sensitivity and pleasure...

...at least that's what I'm hoping.

Overall, I really want this oil to make a man proud of how things look and feel down there, and be confident when presenting himself to a woman.

So that's why I call it Presentation Oil.

And if you ask me, I'm quite happy with the oil I've created...

In fact, I believe Presentation Oil is without a doubt the finest oil for men available anywhere, any time, in the entire world.

Every single ingredient is there for a reason, and every ingredient is healthy and safe.

I wouldn't use this oil myself if I wasn't completely confident in its purity.

I researched hundreds of ingredients and ordered as many as I could get my hands on to test each and every one.

It took me months and months to go through them all.

I was still seeing patients and having to fulfill the rest of my duties in the hospital, so it was a lot of hard work.

But it is completely worth it because I end up with 9 pro-male ingredients that I know would combine to make one powerful oil.

Each and every one of these ingredients are natural, safe, and used in thousands of other skin care products...

But never before have all of these ingredients been combined into one impressively potent and fast-acting oil for men to use below the belt.

Here are the ingredients I handpicked for the benefits in my Presentation Oil:

Fractionated coconut oil

This special type of coconut oil is made from healthy fatty acids.

It absorbs quickly into the skin as a powerful moisturizer, leaving the skin looking soft and smooth.

And it won't clog your pores.

It's great for sensitive skin, especially below the belt.

Caprylic triglyceride

This colorless fatty oil has potent antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.11

But what's really special about caprylic triglyceride is that it replenishes the skin while creating a natural barrier on the skin's surface...12

This extra barrier is more resistant to moisture loss and can help prevent dryness.

It's oily, but non greasy -- and it helps thicken the other ingredients in this oil to be easier to apply.

I find it provides a nice slipperiness to the skin that makes my sensitivity higher...


The first thing to know about squalane is that it's a hydrogenated version of squalene, a compound produced naturally by our sebaceous glands.

The hydrogenation process makes squalane more shelf-stable than squalene and easier to use as an oil.

On its own, squalane doesn't feel greasy and acts like an emollient when applied to the skin.

That means that it can squeeze into the spaces between skin cells and make skin feel smoother.13

In doing so, it can also help keep moisture locked in by sealing that outer layer of skin tight.14

And tighter, smoother skin is more sensitive skin, remember?

Glyceryl stearate

This wax-like substance is a fatty acid that comes from palm kernel, olives, or coconuts.

It's main benefit is how it binds moisture to the skin.15

This reduced rate of water evaporation helps to lubricate, condition, soften, and smooth the skin.

It can also help protect the skin against damage caused by free radicals16, which can prevent wrinkly prune skin.

And for stabilization purposes, glyceryl stearate helps oil and water-based ingredients mix together, which I find makes Presentation Oil easier to apply.


You've probably heard of DHEA before -- it's a natural hormone similar to testosterone.

But when applied to the skin, DHEA can counteract the papery appearance and feeling of dry, desensitized skin.17

In one study, DHEA showed improvements in sebum production, skin surface hydration, skin pigmentation, and epidermal thickness.18

And since I want my skin down there to be soft, sensitive, and healthy-looking, I included DHEA in this special oil.

As an added benefit, DHEA may even slow down hormone-related skin aging.19

Retinyl palmitate

Otherwise known as vitamin A, retinyl palmitate is also already found naturally in the body, specifically in the skin.

It's an antioxidant with anti-aging properties that can help nourish dry skin.20

It causes the cells on the epidermis—the outermost layer of the skin—to rapidly turnover and die.21

This sounds sinister, but it makes way for new cell growth underneath.

This results in smoother skin with less discoloration and overall more even tone.

Retinyl palmitate also hinders the breakdown of collagen while stimulating new collagen.22

When applied directly, it delivers retinoids to the skin which plumps up collagen, reduces wrinkles, and improves the appearance of the skin.

Ascorbyl Palmitate

This form of vitamin C acts like a skincare superstar.

Ascorbyl palmitate increases collagen production which rejuvenates the skin, making it more youthful-looking.23

It also prevents discoloration of the skin24, which may make things look more presentable down there.

And all the damage that can occur from toxins in soaps and detergents and lotions -- ascorbyl palmitate can reduce this damage by delivering important antioxidants to the skin.25

So I included a generous amount in Presentation Oil, and it's the highest quality ascorbyl palmitate out there.

Tocopheryl Acetate

Tocopheryl acetate is a specific form of vitamin E that has been shown to be very good for skin.

It's a strong antioxidant first and foremost -- so this makes it a powerful anti-aging and anti-inflammatory ingredient.26

And it promotes healthy skin by deeply moisturizing the skin's surface from the inside out.27

Moisturized skin is less likely to wrinkle and prune-up, which is why I included tocopheryl acetate in this special formula.

It's my hope that by keeping my skin down there super moisturized, healthy, and hydrated...

...I will start feeling more sensitivity than I have in years...

Glycyrrhetinic acid

This is a fascinating skin conditioning agent that can be isolated from licorice plants.28

It has anti-inflammatory effects which keeps the skin calm from irritation from chafing.29

Most importantly, it can minimize the loss of skin sensitivity over time.30

It may also play a role in brightening and improving the look of an uneven skin tone31, which can do a lot for presentation.

And when all 9 of these pro-male ingredients are combined, you have my one-of-a-kind Presentation Oil.

And no other men's oil in the world uses this same combination of ingredients.

My Presentation Oil is truly one of a kind.

Some men notice the faint smell of patchouli and cedarwood -- though it's very subtle on the nose.

And I must say, almost every ingredient in this oil is very hard if not impossible to get.

I have to use a special supplier that ensures the quality and potency of every batch.

But I had to lean on my friends in the medical industry to even find this guy and make this oil a reality.

So you can rest assured knowing there's nothing else in the world quite like my Presentation Oil...

Each of our bodies are very different so you should try my Presentation Oil and see what you think.

See how it looks and feels below the belt, and what it does for your confidence.

I think you'll like it -- but if you don't, well, what I want to do is thank you for trying it...

And I don't want a penny of your money, unless you feel it meets your needs and requirements.

You must love Presentation Oil or I don't want you paying one red cent.

My Presentation Oil is designed to make things look better and feel better, and nourish and sustain the skin down there...

...letting you maintain your youthful appearance and youthful pleasure, for longer and longer and longer.

And if you decide you like it, I want to make sure you keep using it, so I will put you on a reminder system.

That way, we will send you a bottle when you're running out. And you will keep using it for continuous improvement.

If it does what it is supposed to do, I want you to email me a testimony, so other men will see it and learn from your experience.

Whatever your experience, I want to hear about it, so I can improve the formulation and keep getting better and better.

You might say I'm on my own personal little mission here.

I think your wife or girlfriend may fall in love all over again once you give this a try...

And I think you'll agree with me that Presentation Oil does the job really well.

I'm so thrilled that Presentation Oil is finally getting out to the world.

And I'm hoping that you can join me in this mission to feel more and protect your physicality as a man.

And I hope that you let me know what you think.


Because you've made it this far, I know you are serious about protecting your sensitivity as a man.

And I'm serious about Presentation Oil.

That's why I want to invite you to try Presentation Oil for yourself and completely shock your wife or girlfriend with the brand new you.

I want you to feel that exciting surge of confidence that you've missed for so long.

So, here is where I want to make you an extraordinary proposition...

I think by now you can tell that I understand sensitivity and how to protect it.

And I think you can tell that I want to help you transform your entire life by being proud of what you're packing and how you perform.

Now the ingredients in Presentation Oil are very, very expensive...

And the way I produce it it is very costly as well...

But what I am doing is challenging the financial wisdom of the company's accountant, the company who is producing this oil for me.

He has put pencil to paper and has said that I need to charge $89 for a 30-day supply, which even then is an absolute bargain.

If all Presentation Oil does is spruce things up below the belt and help your wife or girlfriend have a big grin on her face in the morning, wouldn't you agree it is completely worth $89?

However, I understand that for many men, $89 isn't easy to come by...

So what I'm going to do is encourage you to try a 30-day supply for just the price you see below.

Now, this means a much lower profit margin, which the owner's accountant will probably be mad about, because as I said, the ingredients are very, very expensive...

But I believe 30 days is enough for you to see why this oil is so great for men...

...and for you to start getting extraordinary results that you are thrilled with.

So I will let you get a 30-day supply at this HUGE discount...

...and for those who really want to continue and maintain their wins, they can get the 90-day supply and save even more.

Regardless, if you decide it isn't as great as I think it is, just call my toll free number or shoot me an email.

And you can return whatever is left and get every dime of your money back.

Even if the bottles are all broken. Even if they are empty.

Whatever you've used, just send it back.

Any time, just send them back within 60-days and I'll give you every penny back.

Some men may want to just have one bottle and that's fine too.

I have a 24-hour, seven days a week phone support center staffed by knowledgeable people right here in the United States.

So if you ever want to stop using Presentation Oil or return a bottle, you can simply call us and we will never ship you another bottle.

And we'll gladly take back whatever you've got within 60 days.

Either way...

Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed, and I'm hoping that you get the amazing results that many men will envy you for.

Click here to get Presentation Oil today

I am hoping that a few months from now, when you enter a room, maybe a bar or a restaurant filled with young people...

...you will feel in your heart a total and complete confidence that you have the sensation and performance that other men lack.

I want you to feel better than other guys, so that you can look your wife or girlfriend in the eye...

...and you know and she knows she will have the time of her life when she goes to bed with you.

And this will happen night after night, month after month, year after year for the rest of your life.

That's what I'm after. I'm after your personal success with this offer.

Then I want you to write me a testimony, so that I have it for use for other men who are thinking of trying out my Presentation Oil.

And remember, you're going to get phone and email support so you can't go wrong.

Any questions, any comments, any compliments -- we're all ears.

If you try this out, you will be very happy and thrilled that you did.

Remember, Presentation Oil has the combination of ingredients that can help you support a more confident persona, maybe even more sensation...

...and hopefully a stronger drive from all that surging confidence.

So now, go ahead and click here and add Presentation Oil to your shopping cart.

Everything that we do is confidential and private.

We never share your information. And your financial information is fully encrypted with the same military grade encryption used by Amazon.com.

We ship right away and when it arrives, it will be in a plain small box that is very discreet.

The credit card statement will have our toll free number on it in case you want to call us or reorder.

And now, if you're still here, let me answer a few questions that come up for men who want to be super successful with Presentation Oil...

Is Presentation Oil natural?

Yes, Presentation Oil is completely natural, made from various vitamins, fully saturated oils, and other natural ingredients found in nature and in a man's body.

As something that men will put on below the belt, I am driven to only use natural ingredients.

The oils are fully saturated for safety, and as you already know, it's much better because saturation makes the oil effective even if you're sweating down there.

How often do I put it on?

Applying Presentation Oil once per day will give you a full coating of moisturizing, revitalizing, toning and health-giving that seeps into the tissues and makes things tighter, more sensitive, and more handsome.

How long will one jar last me?

One bottle will last you for a whole month.

How much will this improve my life?

You already know that vitamins and nutrients are key to a man's long term health.

Now you can go even further -- you can simply apply my Presentation Oil and be prepared for her making a lot of oohs and ahhs...

The oil delivers all the nutrients directly below the belt for maximum effectiveness and benefit.

Hopefully you will once again feel that "tight as a glove" feeling...

...and with restored sensitivity, your eyes may just roll back in bliss.

Because you're sensitive now, you feel more and it seems to last much longer.

Should I keep taking it even after I'm thrilled?

As men like us age, things do get loose and wrinkly down there.

Presentation Oil helps to keep things tight and looking good, but if you stop using it, time will have the upper hand...

So now my question to you is...

How many more lost opportunities, more frowns on her face, more disappointments are you willing to endure?

How long will you let yourself be oppressed, bearing the weight on your shoulders of this problem by yourself, alone?

How many times must you think, "Not me, I can't do that with her, I don't even dare try?"

Life is too short to keep passing up these opportunities for intimacy.

I believe men must have satisfying intimate connections with women to live a happy, healthy life.

So I designed this oil to give you the confidence you need to make the most out of the opportunities given to you.

That's my little mission in the world, to make that happen.

And since one day I hope to have my own kids and grandkids, I'll be telling my boys about Presentation Oil, of that you can be sure.

I think it's incumbent upon us dads and granddads to make sure that we pass on good healthy habits to our sons.

Oh... and one more thing....

My company, Ideal Male Labs, is a family-run company with a perfect reputation.

Our goal is to help men get ahead in their lives and enjoy a life that they thought they were done with forever.

And right now, our mission is to get this Presentation Oil to as many men as possible.

I do hope you'll accept our invitation.

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I'm really looking forward to helping you on your journey to a better and more fulfilling life.

There's no need to wait a moment longer. I really want you to join me right now, this very moment.

Presentation Oil is totally different than anything you've ever seen and maybe you're starting to imagine how you'll use it in your own life...

Maybe you're wondering, "How can I get Presentation Oil, so I can start feeling confident and much more sensitive, and looking better below the belt?"

I'll answer these questions right now, but before I do, I have a question for you...

What would you pay to wake up every single morning of your life knowing that you are proud of what you're packing and how you perform?

What's it worth to know that you can watch her amazement and mischievous smile as she sees what you're working?

I know men who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on visiting high priced clinics...

...where they spend endless weeks getting injections and even surgery...

...in an attempt to win even a small percentage of the benefits you'll hopefully be enjoying with Presentation Oil.

But you need to be quick and claim your spot now because my Presentation Oil is going fast...

And to have it shipped to your front door, you won't even pay the $500 it costs to have to go to some clinic and get pills or injections.

You won't need any of that anyway.

You won't even pay the $100 it costs to buy dinner for two, when after dinner you are expected to escalate things, but you're not feeling confident with things down there.

I know I've been there and I don't ever intend on being there again. It's a horrible place.

Trust me that this can help you the most.

Try my Presentation Oil for yourself right now

Number 1: You get my complete Presentation Oil formula with health-giving and life-giving pure ingredients...and without any harmful excipients.

Since I wanted an oil that I'd happily put on myself below the belt, I was careful.

We have no titanium dioxide or magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide, no harmful estrogenic parabens...

...only healthful ingredients such as vitamins and life-giving fully saturated oils.

Number 2: You also get email help and support in your newfound thrilling experiences.

All of this is backed up by my 60-day "you will be thrilled!" money-back guarantee for any reason or no reason.

Even if the bottles are broken, even if you've used every last drop -- just send back whatever you have and we'll refund every dime, any time within 60 days.

I'm really looking forward to helping you as well on your journey to a better and more fulfilling life as a man.

Hopefully, you'll look back at this moment and see it as a turning point in your life...

The day you decide to spruce things up down there and be proud of what you're presenting.

I promise you, that after you apply the first drop of Presentation Oil...

...you'll automatically with no effort gain a newfound confident feeling you didn't even have when you were a very young man...

...you'll feel more and it will feel better...

...you'll have a sense of manliness that puts a swagger in your step...

...and you'll be proud of what you're packing, and eager to show it off...

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